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CSS:Sprays F.A.Q

·  Where do I download My Spray to?
You put the Spray (if its a .jpg/Gif./TGA anywhere on your computer. if you downloaded a zip/animated spray, you will need to put the two files here: X:Steam/SteamApps/Your-email-address/counterstrikesource/cstrike/materials/VGUI/logos

  How do I get my spray in to the Game?
If you are using a jpg/Gif/TGA then you will have to go to the games options and import the image you saved. it will then be in the drop down list.
if you are using an animated spray then you have to put the 2files in the right folder and it will be there for you to select.
The location of the folder is:X:Steam/SteamApps/Your-email-address/counterstrikesource/cstrike/materials/VGUI/logos

·  What its a .TGA what does this mean?
TGA Stands for: Truevision Targa Graphic
but put basically .TGA on here means that some parts of the spray will be part transparent

·  What size can I make a Spray?
Well allot of people use either 128 x 128 pixels or 256 x 256 Pixels. on here I make them 500 x 500 pixels, some people say that its to big but I haven't had a problem with that size.

·  Why is my spray all blurry when I use it in the game?
There may be a few reasons why this is 1, may be because the image you are using is small and the game is stretching it, 2 you may have you graphics settings for the textures on low, 3 the image may be of poor quality.

·  Why doesn't my spray change?
This may be because you are in a game, you can only change your sprays when you are not connected to a server, if you are in a server and change it, it will change next time you connect/on map change.

·  Why dosen't my spray show even tho it sounds?
This is because when you added your spray to cs:s it had a space in the file name, just correct the image on your pc (replace or del the space) upload in cs:s and should be fine. also buy having space's some time you can see the spray but other users cant.

·  When I download .zip file I can't open them?
I have had this problem an I found it out to be that windows dose not ask you where you want to save it and just downloads it automatically, what you will need to do is this:
Go to MY Computer > Tool tab > Folder Options, then click the File types tab go down to where it says .Zip and click Advanced and check "confirm open after download".
This should solve your problem. if you are still having problems please contact me.

If the Problem you a facing is not listed on here please contact us.

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